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Artificial leather with a worn look

Artificial leather

58000 Martindale

100% Polyester

Width < / Strong>
140 cm

Vinny is a very soft artificial leather with a worn look.
Suits well to sofas, armchairs, chair seats, pillows, seat pockets, etc.

Clean the skin with cloth and water.
Do not use chemicals.
Galon artificial leather fuzzy vinyl


This fuzzy leather is perfect for sewing on a regular machine, and we recommend the Schmetz Universal 90 needle for this product and also tear 40 crochet wires.
Should you sew by hand or make nice decor knitting, we recommend thread extra strong and schmetz topstitch 90 needle.


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Johanna Almqvist asking question (1 year ago)

Jag undrar överbaksidan på alla era Fuskskinn men framförallt detta "Vinny"och "Jack; är det tex filt,väv eller något annat? Hoppas finna ett med baksida som varken värmer eller gör skinnet "kanigt" på ett lite "plastigt underlag.


Hej! Alla våra fuskskinn har antingen vävd eller filt baksida. Du kan beställa prover: Mvh Rosahuset

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