About Us

 We who run this shop are Emma and Björn and we are both born into the fabric business. 
Emma's mother has been running Tygstugan in Mora since 1982, and Björn's parents run the Rosahuset store in Borlänge since 1982. 
And we actually met at a textile fair in Stockholm 2006. 
We have both helped our parents since childhood and have learned to love the fabric industry and everything that this job entails.

And we have also managed to get our own 2 litte fabric childs, who are hanging out here with us

We have amazing suppliers that we work with. Everybody works in the same direction, full speed ahead
But we are always open to new suggestions and new suppliers.
If you sell fabric that you think would suit us, just make sure you hear from you!

We started the shop 2007 so last year we had our 10 years anniversary:)

We run the online store from a great venue in Korsnäs, Falun. 

At the moment, we are 5 employers who work with the online store. 
Lena has been working for us for 12 years and is now the oldest at work with her 39 years :) 
Ulrika has been working with us for 4 years.
Our newest employe is Zandra who has worked here since januari 2019.
May we say it ourselves, we are a young gang:) We really like to work together, and we love our job.

We who work with the online store:









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