Here you will find our large selection of Prym accessories!

Sometimes you may need a little more than just a sewing machine needle and a thread for your sewing project.

We have an incredibly wide range of products from Prym both for your sewing of new garments, for recycling or repair of broken favorite garments, there are also other things that helps you take care of your clothes.
Among our sewing accessories from Prym are all the tools and aids you need in your sewing work, but also details such as elastic bands, reflective patches and push buttons.

When you start your sewing project, think through what you may need for your work when ordering the fabric so that you can complement with what you are missing at home.

To get a flow in your project, it can be smart to have a good base at home with things like that

you always use, pins, sewing pins (and maybe the luxury of it with a magnetic needle cushion) safety pins and a thimble are a good start. There is a Prym Sewing kit for those who are completely new to sewing. Prym also have more sewing accessories that are good to have at home, such as a measuring tape or maybe a fiffikus, marker pens or a seam ripper.

What you then sew also governs what more you may need, elastic ribbons, decoration elastic, elastic thread, framilon ribbon, a spacer. A glue pen is always good to have, it helps to keep fabric, zipper or lace in place instead of needles. Maybe you should sew a bag? Then D-rings, leather rivets, bag straps and carabiner hook can be something for you.

When you have sewn the last button in your project, we also have Prym articles to continue to take care of your clothes, ”bump” remover, blouse fix self-adhesive, laundry bag for bra, an iron mini to take with you on the trip.

From Prym comes the pliers for push buttons, perforated pliers, roller knife and screen mat which is in our sewing accessories range.
We also have a large selection of Color snaps, eyelets and dress-buttons.

Here are some tips:

To quickly fold up a curtain, you can use Folding-fix

Has your favorite jeans broken, a jeans patch make it easy.

Give the sewing machine some care with Pryms sewing machine oil or use the oil pen

Iron cleaning makes your iron like new.

Make sure you get all the sewing accessories you need, for your sewing project, in your order so you can start at once when you receive your order.

Welcome to explore Prym's range of notions for your sewing projekt!

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