Stars with Stars

Here you will find our wide range of jersey fabrics with stars!


We have jersey fabrics with stars in a variety of colors. There is everything from bright pastel tones to cool and happy colors. The star coats are a fun and a little bit tougher alternative to dots!

Our jersey with stars are beautiful as they are, but can also be matched with our other patterned and single colored fabrics in countless cool ways. For example, a princess on the stomach, backrests and stripes on the arms can be a cool blend on a sweater.

The American flag is popular as inspiration for both interior and clothing, and you can easily accomplish it by choosing a blue knitted fabric with stars and matching with red and white stripes. For example, on a shirt you can put the belly on your stomach and back and the stars on your arms.

Playing with stars, dots, stripes, clouds and figurative designs or graphic designs can be fun. Dare to be a bit cheeky and test things that are not obvious. By combining the right colors and patterns, it is often possible to get together seemingly impossible combinations.

When sewing in jersey fabric, it is important to use a needle that is adapted for the purpose. A regular needle can cut the threads and the knitted needles can then run. We have a good jersey needle from Schmetz with a ball-shaped head that penetrates between the threads instead. Add it to your order if you do not have a corresponding. We also have good twin pins from Schmetz that are great for making nice haircuts on your clothes.

We need a wide range of these products as well, if you need press fasteners, ribbing or elastic-tape for your sewing projects in jersey fabric. Take care and order all this in the same order so you can get started and sew immediately when you get your fabric.

Good luck with your sewing!

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