Marking pens

Here you will find our wide range of marking pens!

Good brand pens greatly facilitate your work with textiles. Unclear lines can cause clipping to slip and, as a result, the conditions for sewing will also deteriorate. What brand marks to use depend on context, but also on the taste and taste. Having a few different to choose from is always good. Different pens can be good for different fabrics.

We have several different marking pens to draw patterns on fabric and mark seams, but also several markers to label textiles permanently.

We have black markers from Prym for permanent marking in both tusks and bullets. In addition, we have a marking method for permanent marking with a pencil in black ballpoint pen, a lettering letter and a printable cotton strap. This set is perfect for tagging dark textiles in a good way, which is difficult to make by typing directly on the fabric.

To draw patterns and mark stitches on fabric, we have a package with four markers from Prym. Two of them are white and can be used for darker fabrics. In addition, there is a blue and a pink that can be used for lighter fabrics. These pens have a brush on the cork that you can use to brush away the marks.

For the same purpose there is a pencil that makes sharp and clear lines. The color from this disappears by itself after a few days or when you wash the fabric. The pen also works well for embroidery or patchwork and much more.

Below this category there is also a glue pen that can be used as an alternative to making a piece of fabric.

Markers are a relatively small expense in the sewing context, so cut out on them is something you're likely to regret. Sewing becomes so much more fun when you have tools and accessories that help.

Welcome to find your favorite marking pen!

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