Fake fur


Here you will find our wide range of faux fur!

Cheating fur and animal patterns are all right today. With the cheating fur, you can get the luxury feeling as well as the general and western look of your home at a reasonable price. Fuskpälsen is a little cheaper alternative to fur. And it's perfect even for those who, by ethical mind, do not want to use the right coat, but who still think that fur has a nice expression.

Our lovely cheek fur has a variety of practical, fun and creative uses. Cushions, pillows and goats are obvious favorites, but the fur coat is ideal for everything from masked clothing to interior decoration at the epa building.

Sheep fur is incredibly popular to use in interior design today. We see it on the chair or hanging over the chair backs in each interior. Our beautiful furry fur coat Bror is really natural and is available in many different colors. It acts as a good replacement for proper sheep's fur. It has many uses and is grateful to handle and sew in.

The trend of animal patterns persists, and we therefore offer the fine animal-patterned fabric Velbour. It's a nice animal patterned fabric with a soft coat that fits nicely to pillows, blankets and bedspreads, as well as to dress up on the pillowcases and sofas. They are available in zebra, tiger, and two different comfy comforters. The graphic animal patterns create a nice dynamic in the interior and can be combined with basically all styles.

We also have a wide range of nice hobby coat for masquerade and decor in everything from discreet colors to poppy neon. We also have hobbypäls with exciting structure and patterns.

Cheating fur is nice and fun! Whether you want to sew to the home or goose to the kids, cheating fur always creates a positive effect. Here you really have the opportunity to let go of your creativity. So check out all our nice cheats and find your favorite. Then it's just getting started and creating your heart's desire!

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