Cotton Fabrics

Here you will find our wide range of cotton fabrics!

Woven cotton fabrics are perhaps the most useful and multifaceted fabric used for sewing. The fabric's properties are permissive, which makes it possible to create creative projects in fashion and decor that are both aesthetically appealing and practical.

We have a wide range of lacquered lacquer fabrics and a multitude of wonderful patterned cotton fabrics. There are dots, stars, clouds, flowers, zigzag patterns, animal motifs, shapes, stripes, squares and different geometric patterns. And the colors range from everything from soft pastel tones to clear and rich shades.

The fabrics can be nice blouses, shirts, pants and skirts. The cotton fabric is comfortable against the skin and cool during hot summer days. The sweet patterns are perfect for beautiful summer dresses. But there is also a lot of cotton fabrics with a bit sharper expression that can be a nice cover for the dance floor.

As an interior fabric, cotton fabric has endless possibilities. You can sew everything from decor to the children's room to stylish curtains, pillows, bedspreads or beautiful aprons to have in the kitchen. The fabric is also suitable for sewing fine necessaries and bags for storage shopping.

For the crib and crib you can sew the nice patchwork and soft cushion cover in stylish patterns. Or put fabrics and pennants in mixed colors and patterns on the walls. Very popular right now is also that sewing baby babies like the newborn can sneak in. Our fabric with stars, clouds and dots is popular to use in combination with other patterned fabrics.

Woven cotton fabrics are very easy to handle and sew in, making it suitable for beginners. But the fabric of the cotton fabric also offers challenges for the vana stewards. By applying different classical sewing techniques such as shaping, smocking and shrinkage, you can create the volume, shape and structure of the cotton fabrics, giving great opportunities for your own creative creation.

Welcome to inspire and shop for our fine cotton fabrics. Here is something for every taste and taste!



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