Here you will find our wide range of awning fabrics by meter.

The sun's rays can be wonderful, but when they meet you in the midst of your breakfast, it's nice to be able to pull down an awning and continue to drink the coffee in peace and quiet.
We at Rosa House have the awning weave you need! Our awning fabric is made in Italy and is of really fine quality despite a low price.
It is available in a variety of solid and striped designs, ranging from discreet soft tones to more eye-catching options.

The awning is perfect when you want to save a slant and replace the old awnings yourself. In addition, it is popular to sew beautiful balcony protection and other sun protection.

The fabric has a width of 130 cm and is always delivered on roll. It has a good resistance to light and is resistant to the stressful weather of the outdoor environment.
It is impregnated and is resistant to some moisture, but it is not waterproof, so you're looking for rain protection. We recommend instead a sail cloth.

The awning is easy to sew on a regular sewing machine, provided you have the right needle and thread. We recommend a 90-needle, such as the Schmetz Topstitch 90, which you will find among our accessories.
It's a perfect needle for straight even seams on awning. If you also order the Tera 40 thread from Gutermann, you have everything you need to fix new fresh awnings.

If you want to wear your own balcony cover, earrings can be a good accessory to order. With eyelets along the edges, you can easily tie up the awning fabric with string on the balcony rack.
Both eyelets of different sizes and colors as well as tools for attaching them can be found among our accessories.

Maybe the old awning has become sunny or dirty. Or you have painted the house in a different color and suddenly the old awnings do not work anymore.
Or why not match the new stylish pillows to the outdoor furniture with a suitable awning fabric? Among our awning fabrics, you will always find something that fits.

Look now to fix the awning or sun protection before the summer. Then you can enjoy the sun at the times you feel about it and drop it to the coffee!

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