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Velvet is a soft and long woven fabric with a tight and short pile. Probably invented the technique of weaving velvet in Italy in the 13th century. During the Middle Ages, the velvet became overwhelmingly popular with royalty and nobility. And the velvet has also got a royal status among our fabrics.

Historically, velvet has been used for clothes, shoes and royal chronicles as well as luxurious furnishings. The first velvet was woven from silk, which is also the most expensive form of velvet. Today, however, we can produce affordable velvet in polyester, which is very similar to the side seam.

Our polyester curtain velvet is a bit thinner velvet with a heavy and fine case. The surface is soft and soft, and the fabric is available in several fine colors. The fabric is perfect for curtains and drapes, but it is also great to sew nice pillows and other velvet to match your curtains.

Always ensure that the velvet on the velvet ends in the same direction on your fabrics. The different parts may otherwise look different in color. Whichever way you are going to lay the air is a flavor, but if you aim it upwards, there will be more light in the lug, picking up the color of the fabric.

Needle properly when sewing and trotting, as the lug on the velvet will slide slightly when the fabric is on the right side to the right side. You should also not squeeze the velvet, as the slope becomes flat. Do you have to do that, or if the lug has settled for another reason, you can hold the fabric over water vapor to make it easier for the lug to repair again.

The velvet is beautiful, comfortable and feels very luxurious. And the single-colored velvet is easy to match with other textiles, regardless of patterns and materials. A pair of beautiful curtains or pillows in velvet are timeless and elegant.

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