Valance ready-made


Here you will find our wide range of ready-made valance curtains!

All our ready-made curtains are carefully chosen with regard to quality, feeling and aesthetic expression.

We have ready-made plain curtains in everything from discreet natural tones to crisp and clear colors.
And among our patterned ready-made valance curtins you will find everything from beautiful flourishing compositions to stylish graphic designs.
There is always something for every style and taste.

A valance curtain is a very simple solution on the curtain and it is as good at home as in the office or in the summerhouse.
Valances are also perfect for use in the caravan or boat.
They are as beautiful in high as low windows and are perfect to use if, for example, you have furniture standing in front of the window.

With our stylish ready-made valances, you do not waste any hassle with the sewing machine or to beat the eyelets.
The curtains are delivered ready to hang up like beautiful jewelry above the windows.
It can not be easier. Sometimes there is no time or interest in sewing, and then our ready-made valances are perfect.

We have ready-made valances in the Spektra series, which you can match with the fabric, cushion covers and curtains in the same design.
In addition, we have a variety of fine, single-colored and patterned ready-made valances.
Here are the curtains for both the living room and the laundry room.

Be sure to measure your window even when you buy a ready-made curtain to fit.
Remember that the coat needs some extra fabric to dare or wrinkle in a nice way.
Measurements can be found under each coat.

A valance is a relatively cheap curtain option, but pretty, and easy to handle.
If you are looking for a nice and affordable curtain, you may find it among our valances.

Have you been tired of sewing curtains? Why not buy a ready made this time?

Welcome to find your favorite and shop for our wonderful ready-made valances!




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