Furniture fabric

Dress the sofa in the living room and give the kitchen chairs a personal lift. Here you will find furniture fabrics to order online. Botanize among our cheap furniture fabrics with a good meter price in durable material.
We have fabrics for furniture upholstery with great weight and soft feel.

Upholstery fabrics for dressing

Take care of your furniture and extend its life with our stylish furniture fabrics. Here you will find exclusive fabrics at a good meter price that we have selected for our range of furniture upholstery. We select textiles with flexible weight that fit nicely both as cushion fabric, kitchen sofa and chairs. Read more information about the fabrics when you click on one of the stands.

We have furniture fabrics in different materials, including:
- Linen
- Polyester
- Cotton

Remember to order your furniture fabric at home with a margin for error steps.

Order furniture fabric online

Ordering furniture fabrics online does not have to be difficult. Measure out the amount you need and add well with a margin so as not to risk the fabric running out. Take an extra look at our stock status, which you will find in the information about the current fabric. If you want to order furniture fabric for outdoor furniture, you can look for a sturdy fabric with durable material.
We write if the fabrics in question are suitable for outdoor use.

Tips! If you place your order before 14.00 we make sure to send your furniture fabric the same day!

Choose a pattern on your upholstery fabric

Are you looking for a classic, checkered fabric for your kitchen chairs - or do you want a Victorian feel to the dining room group?
With us you will find fabrics in all possible colors and shapes.
No project is too big or small for us, and we have fabrics that suit all styles and occasions.
Make it personal with our furniture fabrics in a botanical theme, or luxury it with the minimaliststyle and use our solid-colored, velvety fabrics that create a really cozy feeling.

Dress your furniture with furniture fabric

Are your upholstery fabrics starting to look worn and tired? Maybe over the years, discolorations have been created that are difficult to remove, or you want to spend some time renewing your home after the season's latest color trend. There are various reasons why it may be a good idea to replace the upholstery fabric. In addition, it does not require much work if it is simpler furniture upholstery, such as changing upholstery on chairs.

Change upholstery fabric on chairs

Start by studying the underside of your chairs. There you can see how your cushions are mounted. The cushion can usually be easily unscrewed and then the fabric surrounding the padding removed. Measure how much fabric you need for each chair and add a margin to make room for any mistakes. Then order cheap furniture fabrics from us and then you can get started in earnest. If the furniture fabric has a pattern, it is a good idea to make sure that the squares or the pattern end up in a nice way before you start stapling.

 Tips! If your chair has rounded corners, it will be nice if you meet the corner through simpler small folds.

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