Sweatshirt fabric

Here you will find our wide range of sweatshirt fabrics!


Sweatshirt fabric is soft and lovely, a bit thicker elastic fabric with smooth-cut surface and brushed or eyelid inside. The fabric consists largely of cotton with a small amount of elastane. Some jogging fabrics are also mixed with a certain amount of polyester. We have nice plain collection in all kinds of colors and also a lot of wonderful variations with patterns and different motifs. We also have a good range of organic sweatshirt fabrics in the best quality.

Jogging is sometimes also called sweatshirt or schoolwear and is very popular for leisure and exercise clothes. It is also very common to sew so-called hoodies, that is, a hoodie with hood, which is used as a piece of clothing. Even smaller things like hats, bags and soft toys work well to sew in sweatshirt fabric.

It's also perfect to sew children's clothes of the soft sweatshirt fabric. Trousers, sweaters and shorts are common, but there are also dresses and skirts of the beautiful fabric. So-called onepiece or jumpsuits, that is, a whole sweatshirt fabric overall has become very popular for sewing, even for older children and adolts.

Sweatshirt garments are very suitable for sewing with rib, so please check out our range of rib to complete your order with.

Sweatshirt fabric can shrink a little while washing, which is good to take into account when sewing. There are also a few different laundry tips on the different varieties, so be sure to check these before sewing or washing.

Sweatshirt fabric is a fun and easy fabric to sew in, so it's perfect for beginners. Should it be a little bit crazy here and there, the garment can still be a good feature as a home-wear apparel. But even the most skilled seamstress can find challenging and fun projects to sew in sweatshirt fabric.

Welcome to be inspired by all our lovely sweatshirt fabric!


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