Solid cushion covers

Here you will find our single-color pillow case

Single colored pillow cases can be stylish as they already are or why not match with our patterned pillow case.
You can easily transform your home with pillows to something unique and personal.

Many of our single-color pillow cases also feature single-colored curtains, furniture fabrics and fabrics in the same series, making it easier to match pillows with the new curtains.
Which provides the opportunity to create a uniform and stylish interior for anyone who wants to.
The single-colored pillow case is also suitable for matching with patterned curtains for balancing up in a little home.
Cushions can also be easily replaced when you want a little change in the interior.

Our luxurious pillow case in velvet is available in a wide range of colors and fits well to the finished velvet lengths.
Just like "Milo" pillow case and "Spektra" that have both curtain lengths and a coats in the same colors.

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