Press fasteners and Accessories

Here you will find our wide range of press fasteners and accessories!


Press fasteners are a very handy alternative to many kinds of buttons and they are also very fun to work with. Our wide range of press fasteners and accessories comes from Prym.

Press fasteners can be used for button shirts and blouses, jackets, pants, pocket caps and more. For those wearing baby and children's clothes, the press fasteners is almost indispensable. It's a perfect button to everything from thin knitted sweaters and kits to pants.

All our press fasteners except Color Snaps are included with tools used to attach the buttons to the fabric. For Color Snaps, the tools are sold separately.

Either snap the press fasteners with a hammer using the tools, or put the tools in a Prym pliers, which we also sell, and attach the buttons to it. Using the Prym pliers is very smooth and it can also be used with Prym's eyelets as well as hole punching. The Prym pliers is sold separately, or in a boot box with mixed buttons and associated tools.

A third option is to secure the push buttons using Tripod Prym. It's a tool used when you need to access and attach buttons in the middle of a fabric where pliers or tools do not reach.

We have a wide range of Color Snaps. It's a kind of plastic press fasteners that are available in many beautiful colors. These are perfect for children's clothes, but can be used for everything possible. With these, it can be fun experimenting with the colors. For example, match the buttons with the same color as the blanket or a color from the pattern. Or mix different colors of buttons on the same garment.

In addition to Color Snaps, we have Jersey, Anorak and Sports & Camping press fasteners in different designs.

Discover the fun of working with press fastenerson your clothes. Order your favorites today and get started!

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