Here you will find our wide range of patterned jersey fabrics!


The pink house is well-known for its many nice patterned jersey fabrics. They have become a big hit and we do everything we can to adjust our customers' hunger for nice, cool, beautiful and fun patterns. So welcome into a world of flowers, owls, skulls, animal patterns and graphic patterns.

The combination of the soft, stretchy and compliant jersey and colorful patterns make the fabric ultimate for sewing nice children's clothes. For the creative, here are no limits to how nice, fun and personal it can be. Sew personal bodys, pants, caps, dresses and blankets. Self-designed children's clothes are also the perfect gift when you want to give away something unique and personal. It's usually always appreciated.

Of course, you can sew fine things to yourself, also from our nice patterned jersey fabrics. The fabric fits everything from tops, tights and linen to underwear or dresses. A fun thing may be to match mom and baby outfit! There is seldom the opportunity to do when you buy your clothes. At least not with such special patterns.

Combine our patterned jersey fabrics with single colored in matching colors. Those who dare can mix the patterns wild and get delicious results. Here's the only imagination that sets limits!

Please also check out our ribbings and complete your order. They are available in different colors as well as stripes and can be matched well with our patterned fabrics. If you are going to sew children's clothes, ribbing is almost a must. They are practical, soft and comfortable for clothes for play and fun.

Many of our patterned jersey fabrics are also organic, which demanded for the very youngest children.

With our nice patterned jersey fabrics, you or your children are guaranteed to be seen during the Christmas or Summer party. Welcome to look, inspire and shop for our beautiful patterned jersey fabrics. Here is something for everyone




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