Here you will find our wide range of nylon beaver-style!


Beaver nylon is a classic product with many uses that are still well in competition with newer options.

The beaver nylon is a wind and water repellent fabric in 50% cotton and 50% nylon. The fabric is very durable and is therefore widely used for overalls and work clothes. The material is also very color resistant and can therefore be washed after washing without being ripped off.

The furnace barrier is also dirt repellent, which makes brushing dried clay easy when the children have rolled around in the autumn ear. Washing overalls every day after preschool has no time with.

Other popular uses are the horse and dog covers. Put fleece or teddy as feed, so you have warm and durable protection for your animals. Complete the order with velcro, lanyards or ribbons, so you have everything you need to get started.

Beaver nylon can also be used to sew bags, baby pads, dog collars, pants and much more.

The nylon has a slightly slippery surface, so it may be good to get a little extra so that the fabric does not slip apart when sewing. Otherwise, it's a sturdy fabric for a while.

It may be good to change to a slightly coarser needle when sewing in the beaver's nylon, otherwise the needle may easily break. Our universal needle from Schmetz in size 90 is a good option.

Are you ready to challenge yourself in your stitching and work in a slightly larger format? Then the beaver nylon is perfect. It offers a variety of fun and slightly different sewing projects.

Good luck with your stitching in the beaver nylon!



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