Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets can be taken on the trip or hung over the bed like a canopy. It also works at doors or windows to ward off insects before they enter the home. Beat two birds with one stone and buy a practical mosquito net at Pinkhousefabrics.

Have a mosquito-free summer

When summer comes, many of us want to be open around the clock. You may be in the country during the hottest summer days or having a party and need to be open during the evening. With our mosquito nets, you avoid all disturbing insects and insects.
Mosquito nets for windows and doors do not affect air circulation or views and light, but if you want a little less light, we still recommend choosing the black net. It is also nice when the sun looks ahead because the worst heat subsides.

Cut to your own mosquito net for door or window

We sell mosquito nets of 5 meters so that you can choose where and how you want to set it up. Cut according to your own wishes and attach mosquito nets for doors or mosquito nets for windows so that you avoid the buzzing insects. Mosquito nets are also suitable for keeping flies, wasps and moths away. Leave the window open overnight without worrying about getting stung.
Our mosquito nets are available in white and black so you can choose yourself depending on what you think fits.

Examples of places where you can attach the mosquito net:
 On doors and windows to conservatories
 For any detached houses such as saunas or guest houses
 The bedroom window
 The back door to the garden

Pinkhousefabrics mosquito nets are easy to cut and the small holes means that even small insects can not find their way through.

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