Machine needles

Here you will find our wide range of needles!

A pair of extra sewing needles, it's always good to have a home, here you will find needles that fit into different types of projects.

-"100 needle" is a coarse symmetry needle that fits furniture fabrics and other coarse fabrics.
-The "90 needle" is for some coarser fabrics such as awning fabric and thinner furniture fabrics.
-"80 needles" is the needle needle we call the standard needle. Fits most fabrics like cotton, polyester and linen etc.
-The "70 needles" are mainly used for thinner fabrics like chiffon, voile and lace.
-Jersey Sewing Needles are suitable for our knitted fabrics and other elastic materials.
-Learnable sewing needles are suitable for galons, leather and similar materials.
-jeans sewing needle pins are ideal for jeans sewing

We also have decorative needles such as twinneedle and topstitch.

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