Linen solids

Here you will find our wide range of single-colored linen fabric!

The linen has a very long history, and for a long time, together with wool, the most common fabric for home textiles and clothes. The oldest find of linen was found in Egypt and comes from 5000 BC.

Sweden has historically had extensive linen production and the blue lines were once a common sight. However, during the 19th century, the cotton began to penetrate the linen and today there is only limited linen production left in the country. However, the linen is still a very popular product, and most linen fabrics currently in the trade are therefore imported.

We sell a slightly stronger linen that has the very characteristic, somewhat coarser structure and small irregularities in the fabric that make the fabric alive. It is available in a range of beautiful colors, ranging from soft and saturated tones, to strong and clear colors. This linen fits well with both home textiles and clothing.

Linen is very popular for curtains, but it also has excellent tablecloths and ornamental pads. It's a cool fabric and therefore it suits very well in airy summer clothes. There may be nice shirts, blouses, pants, skirts and lovely summer dresses. Even suits with jacket and skirt are fine in linen. Linen clothes often wear a little while in use, but return to their original shape after washing.

Our linen has a shrinkage of 4-7%, which is important to take into account. Curtains are usually recommended to be warmed and shaken, but if you want to wash them, 7% can take a lot of time. The fabric should not be tumble dry and stretched out after washing. Here the old shortage will be well-suited.

Linen is comfortable, stylish and stylish. It's a classic product that is not affected by the fluctuations of fashion. Our single-colored linen is easy to match and combine with other textiles at home.

Welcome to look, inspire and shop our beautiful single-colored linen!

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