Fashion fabrics

Here you will find our wide range of fashion fabrics!

Creating custom apparel and fashion accessories is one of the funniest and most addictive features available. If you have begun experimenting with patterns, colors and models, you can not stop.

We have a wide variety of fashionable fabrics for sewing of clothes for both everyday and party. Here is everything for all tastes and projects! We have single colored fashion fabrics in beautiful colors, as well as a wide range of beautifully patterned fashion fabrics. We have beautiful and beautiful fashion fabrics in viscose, poplin chiffon, viscose jersey and much more. There are floral, striped, checkered and animal patterned fabrics, as well as fabrics with graphic patterns and sequins. We have chosen our fashion models in terms of quality, fashion and demand from our customers.

Our fashion fabrics fit everything from tops, linen, blouses, pants and tights to dresses and scarves. Do not be afraid to mix different materials and test unexpected color combinations! It is when you dare to go outside the frame as the big magic happens.

When you create your own fashion, there are no rules. Certainly there are some basic rules in sewing that can ease to know, but with "trial and error" you can accomplish a lot. So by testing yourself and learning from your mistakes. If you're fine, it's the best, if you're wrong, you've learned something that you can use for the next time. That his fashion should be fun and prestigious.

Look forward to the nice fashion patterns in the Ottobre magazine, which we also sell. There you can find nice, fun, tough and romantic patterns, as well as get lots of inspiration in your sewing of clothes. Also, please complete your order with ribbons, buttons, eyelets and anything else you may need in the sewing of fashion garments.

Welcome to be inspired and shop for fashionable fashion!


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