Here you will find our wide range of fabrics with dalahorses!

The traditional wooden horse was from the beginning a toy from a time when horses were part of daily life. Today it has become a symbol, not only for Dalarna, but for all of Sweden. And in modern vintage, it has got a renaissance in the form of motifs on fabrics and interior details. The dalahorse is more popular than ever and it comes in many forms.

As the dalarna-based store we are, we must of course safeguard our cultural heritage! Therefore, we carefully selected a fine range of fabrics with dalahorses and kurbits patterns for your sewing projects.

The fabric Leksand with dalahorses is one of our most popular fabrics. It is designed by Carola Bengtsson-Malmström for Arvidsson Textile and is available in a variety of fine color schemes. The fabric's surface is completely filled with decorative horses and flowers in a beautiful composition. The fabric is also available with a smaller size on the pattern and is called Leksand mini. Even the beautiful fabrics Kurbits and Pegasus come from Arvidssons Textil.

The fabrics of Arvidssos Textil are printed on high quality cotton fabrics, suitable for curtains, pillows, tablecloths and pillows. When you decorate with these fabrics, you are guaranteed something in the room that catches your eyesight. The fabrics are also popular to make bags, bags and necessaries of. It may be great gifts to give away at birthdays and Christmas.

It's easy to get stuck on the page with our dalahorses and kurbits. Choosing the fabrics is like choosing between meringues, ice cream and chocolate. You want to have everything in a beautiful mix!




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