Curtain fabrics patterned


Here you will find our large selection of patterned curtain fabrics!

Our range of patterned curtain fabrics is a cavalry of wonderful patterns, beautiful colors and beautiful motifs. Under this menu, it is easy to lose grip on time and space. Here are really nice quality fabrics with incredible designs. Here are soft beautiful color tones with nice transitions and clear bright colors that are a delight to the eye.

Flowers and leaves are classic and beautiful patterns for curtains, and we can offer floral curtain fabrics with many different compositions and expressions. Nature as a whole is also a great source of inspiration and we have everything from birches and birds to beautiful butterflies.

We also have more modern patterned curtain fabrics with skulls, animal patterns and city motifs. In addition, there are nice retromotives with delicious cars and movie stars. Of course, we also have a lot of nice geometric patterns.

Many of our beautiful patterned curtain fabrics come from Arvidsson's Textile, including the very popular fabric Leksand with Dalahorses, designed by Carola Bengtsson-Malmström. This is available in a standard variant and one with a smaller pattern, Leksand mini. Both fabrics are available in many fine color combinations.

Our patterned curtain fabrics are all of good quality and they fit as well at home as in the office, or in the caravan. In addition, they work as well as other furnishings, such as pillows, pillows and tablecloths.

Combining patterned curtain fabrics with single-colored fabrics is a great way to create balance in the interior. But the brave can safely also unite unexpected pattern combinations in a neat and harmonious way. Or why not take the same pattern on curtains, tablecloths and pillowcases to create extra effect and get a delicious whole. With the right fingertip, all variants can be a hit.

Welcome to choose your favorite among all our beautiful curtain fabrics!

Do you have a hard time choosing? Yes, but take one to each room!




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