Christmas curtains

For Christmas, it is cozy to hang a Christmas curtain in the kitchen and also in the rest of the home. Red Christmas curtains, white Christmas curtains, Christmas curtains as a coat - yes, all forms of homely and fun Christmas curtains that gild Christmas and give warmth and style to your home are a must in every house and apartment.
Find them online with us at Rosahuset.

Do you like to sew your own Christmas curtains or maybe find that pair of new ones directly online, ready to hang up as soon as you get them home? We have everything you need and a little more in the form of accessories, sewing accessories and a range of fabrics to create something nice with.

Decorate with a nice Christmas curtain

At Christmas time, decorating is what many people like most. To stand in the kitchen and make Christmas noise, decorate with Christmas flowers and not least - do it nicely in all windows with arrangements and homely Christmas curtains.
Here are some style tips in how Christmas will be the most decorative holiday of the year in your home:

? Put up red Christmas curtains with a coat in a different color or pattern in the middle, which makes it extra cozy in a kitchen.

? Decorate the children's room window with a Christmas and fun Christmas curtain and put little elves in the window that will protect the little ones.

? Red and white Christmas curtains look beautiful in a window with many green and red flower arrangements

? An elevator curtain at Christmas that goes in the festive colors works well in a guest room but also in a smaller window - like in a bathroom.

Change Christmas with curtains

Have you had the same Christmas curtain in the same window year in and year out and feel it's time for a change?
Dare to try something new with one of our Christmas fabrics or ready-made Christmas curtains online in different colors and patterns. It will do a lot for both Christmas and the overall feeling, a little new energy for Christmas creates faith, hope and joy.
With nice Christmas curtains, everyone wants to come home and your guests want to sit on the sofa to create memorable moments.

Find both curtain fabrics and furniture fabrics that are suitable for Christmas and sew together your own decor.
You will also find curtain accessories and sewing stuff at Rosahuset. Merry Christmas from us!

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