Children's curtains

Curtains Decorate the children's room to the cutest in the neighborhood,
regardless of the age of your child.
Maybe there are several siblings sharing the room or one of your children will finally get his own room. Or you are in the process of decorating the baby room. RosaHuset has a wide selection of cute and nice children's curtains that trigger both the imagination and the desire to sleep.

Patterns and creative motifs for a baby curtain

Children like motifs and patterns in their room, it enlivens and reminds the child of various fantasy figures or superheroes. The children's room is the place where the child plays, sleeps and gets his desire to discover. Security and joy should be the watchwords in the children's room and the first thing you can start with to achieve this is to hang nice children's curtains. Here at RosaHuset you can find affordable and extremely cute blackout curtains with motifs such as ducks, moose, sheep and animal patterns in lovely colors that inspire. Find ready-made baby curtains or sew your own based on the textile range in our online store. Think about the safety of baby blinds Children like to pull, jerk and touch everything around them. Therefore, the curtains should also be safe. Do not have loose chains or threads in the children's curtains and make sure that no knots can form or that the curtain rod may fall down. If there are ropes or chains of any kind - make sure they do not hang further down than 150 cm above the floor. Let all the details, loops and the like in the curtains sit high up and far away from eager children's fingers. Choose a child-safe solution with rails and brackets from the beginning so you avoid any boredom. Invest in blackout blinds Light in all glory, but in the evening you probably want your child to fall asleep as quickly as possible. Therefore, buy blackout curtains so that the light does not risk seeping through.

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