Here you will find our wide range of bolster fabrics!

Bolster is an older product that has been raised again. Traditionally, the fabric has been used for mattresses, but today it is very popular to use all interior decorations, such as curtains, drapes, pillows, pillows and more.

Bolster is made of 100% cotton and woven in beautiful patterns with soft and comfortable tones. Flowers are combined with geometric patterns in beautiful symmetrical compositions. We have both classic mattress patterns and more modern varieties of bolster that are great in all interior design. The fabric is thick and soft, which makes it suitable for most of the decor.

The soft and thick fabric is perfect also for dressing furniture, such as a sofflock and chair door. The fabric is both beautiful and durable, and a furniture with bolster lasts for many years. The pattern is timeless and stands out of the vibration of the fashion.

Why not sew a nice dalahorse and decorate it with our nice ribbons? Pictures of these can be seen under the Clover fabric, gray and black. The fabric can also be nice classic necklaces, embellished with vest, hat, bow and more.

Looking for a timeless fabric for interior design that is both durable, beautiful and can be matched with the most, bolster is perfect. Depending on what other materials and colors you match the fabric with, it may be quite different. Despite its own strong expression, the fabric has an ability to melt into its surroundings and create a coherent whole.

This fabric has it all! Go in and look at our nice bolster fabrics and let yourself be inspired. Certainly you will find your favorite and get your own ideas about what it can be used for.

Good luck with your sewing!


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