Here you will find our wide range of blackout fabrics!

During light summer nights it can sometimes be difficult to get their seven to eight hours sleep. The daylight reduces the formation of melatonin in the body and we may find it difficult to fall asleep. Then we need something to cover the windows with. But sometimes blinds are not a good alternative. Perhaps it's not practical with blinds, or you simply think it's nicer without. Then darkening fabrics can be a good option!

Our fabric Milo is really good quality and is perfect as curtains in a room that needs to be darkened. The fabric has a beautiful living structure and is available in black, gray and linen.
The fabric is perfect when you do not want or can have a blind. Today there are many variants of windows that require something different from the traditional options. Milo black-out also work well in public premises, or in the office where dimming may be required for presentations and projector use.

Black-out fabric is also perfect for use in the children's room while the child is still sleeping during daytime. Many children need to be really dark in the room to sleep for as long as they need, even during the day.

Do you have a cozy home theater? Even there, the black-out fabric is perfect for curtains. Perhaps you can even get some textile color on them and create great movie motives?

Why have a lot of things in the windows, when it's enough with a stylish and stylish blackout curtain. You do not have to mess with the blinds and you do not have to wake up with a jerk in the middle of the night when the roller blades suddenly get up. The blackout curtains go fast and easy to drag and pull apart when it's morning.

Welcome to find your favorite among our stylish darkening fabrics. A little nicer, easier and more practical alternative to blinds!

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