Apparel fabrics


Here you will find our wide range of apparel fabrics!


Among our clothing fabrics are fabrics for every project and opportunity you can imagine. We have everything from powerful beater silence for the sewing of workwear and overalls to beautiful patterned badlycra for sewing of bathing and exercise clothes.

Under apparel fabrics, viscose, viscose jersey and woven fabrics, you'll find nice, practical and luxurious fabrics for clothing stitches for both everyday and celebration for the whole family. Only the imagination sets limits on what creative and personal creations you can accomplish with these fabrics.

Among our jogging and velor fabrics, you will find comfortable fabrics for sewing of clothes and casual wear. The velor is also very popular and suitable for sewing children's clothes. Combine with colorful rib and match colors and patterns according to taste and taste.

Our nice baby cord is a very slim and soft manchester for the sewing of children's clothes. It fits well with both the dresses, pants and sweaters to the smallest. It's perfect as it's both fine and practical.

We also have delicious fleecety fabrics in beautiful colors and patterns for the sewing of warm clothes and blankets. In addition, we have microfleece and super soft Dimple minky for feeding clothes, caps and baby blankets. A contrasting color of the lining can be an easy way to get a few interesting expressions.

For those who want a bit more sporty open air clothes, there is our nice softshell. It is a water repellent fabric in two layers of soft microfleece as back. It also works well for dog covers and the like.

Creating custom clothes is both fun and challenging. And a successful sewing project is like a vitamin injection in our creative mind. You just want to do more! Check out all our wonderful clothes weights, so we promise you will find exactly what you're looking for and a bit more.

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